little men

I went camping this weekend with a good friend of mine. Some other friends joined us, one of which has a little boy close to K in age (we’ll call him N).

K and N, I think after watching them this weekend, may be similar in temperament. They’re both gentle souls.

K was having a tough time on Saturday. Unfortunately, he appears to take after me with regards to social orientation (likes company, but is generally introverted). He can be very gregarious and outgoing when he’s comfortable with people, but if he’s spent a long amount of time around others, he sometimes gets wiped out and just needs quiet time by himself.
By dinner-time Saturday, he was in that spot. I was cooking, and he had wandered over to a clear area among the rocks and trees and sat on the ground looking upset.

N, who was in the campsite next to ours with his mom, toddled over looking very concerned. He stood next to K, just looking at him with this small little face of worry. I went over to them and asked K if he wanted to play; he had his head down and shook a quick “no.”

What does N do? Without saying a word, sits down about a foot and a half away from K, parallel to how he is sitting. Without eye contact and facing the trees, the boys just sat there like that silently for a few minutes. They looked like little men.

Eventually, N gets up and wanders over to his mother and me (we had moved away for a minute), and a couple minutes after that, K got up and joined us, apparently feeling better.

It’s strange to observe a guy moment among toddlers. It was truly adorable.



I think I can expect to see some strange art produced by this boy in years to come…