not for the faint of heart or the easily-offended

so…potty training is finally in full swing. it’s got its ups and downs but we’re moving right along.

some dialogue from tonight’s episode of “would you please just pee on the potty?”:

after putting K on the seat, i leave the room for a minute to give him some space to do his thing. i come back, and he’s pulling at his business.

“K, stop playing and try to go pee.”
“okay mama”

i leave the room again, come back a few seconds later. he’s still playing with his business.

“K, what are you doing? please stop playing with your (insert your cutesy or anatomically-correct word of choice here) and try to go pee.”

“no, mama, i’m making a tower.”

oh. my. god. i think that’s the hardest i’ve laughed at something he’s said.


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