I have been quite sick for the past three days. Today I tried going to work and lasted less than two hours before I needed to go home. When you feel that bad, it can be difficult to find things that make you feel good that don’t involve sleep.

I had to pick K up at daycare today to bring him home. Our backyard right now looks like a small wild field because it’s completely covered in violets and dandelions; the color contrast is quite pretty, and though I know many people don’t like dandelions because they’re “weeds,” I rather enjoy them. Anyway, I get home with K, and he’s seen the backyard half a dozen times like this already, but today it caught his eye.
He pauses, takes an audibly deep breath with a huge smile on his face, then turns to me and says “you make these flowers for me, mama?”

Well, it was so sweet and innocent and he just looked so happy that I didn’t know what else to say except “Sure did, love.” He smiled again, went into the backyard, and picked me an enormous dandelion.

It was adorable, and for about two minutes today I didn’t feel like total crap thanks to my toddler.

Some days parenting is hard, and some days it’s just awesome.


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