what happens when you don’t try to make things pinterest-perfect

I took K over to his grandparents’ house yesterday to color easter eggs with his cousin.  It was the traditional setup, various dye-colors (think ROYGBV) in cups, spoons for dipping, hardboiled eggs.

The kids took turns dunking the eggs in the different color cups, taking them out, allowing them to dry in egg cartons.  Then a funny thing happened.  They began taking the spoons from different cups (unprompted) and scooping the dye into the egg cartons either in empty spots, or over the eggs themselves.  They picked the eggs up, then splunked them down in different dye puddles, generally enjoying the relatively well-contained chaos of avant-garde egg coloring.  This was the result:ImageImageImageImage


Turns out you can get some seriously psychedelic eggs when you let a couple of two year olds go to town.  Totally not worth it to try to do everything picturesque, this was way better.


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