I lied, I am not consistent enough to do a mini-post series, although this will be brief as well.  A plethora of funny things are coming out of K’s mouth now that he’s talking so very much.  For those of you who have heard him talk lately, you’ll know that K sounds slightly robotic in how he laces words together, and his cadence is a little high.  Which makes it a little more funny, for me anyway.  Cheers.

After I told him I put his initials on his stuffed Elmo so he doesn’t lose it at daycare: “wow, that’s perfect!”

And again, four days later, after I told him we could go read stories after we brushed his teeth: “yes…perfect.”  (the word “perfect” to me sounds like such a grown-up word to have come out of a two year old’s mouth)

When he was told not to pick his nose: “i eat mine boogers!”

When referencing anything that has happened in the past beyond today, it happened last weekend.  “i see grampy mike last weekend!” (he didn’t.  it was last month).

After getting to see some of a movie with dinosaurs in it a while back, he keeps asking to watch movies.  I told him no, so he scrunched his eyes up so they were closed tight, pointed at his eye, and said: “i can see movie, in mine eyes!”  this is my personal favorite due to the accompanying photo:

He also likes to completely make things up that never happened.  This is especially funny because he will emphatically tell someone about something he did while i stand behind him quietly shaking my head no.

Having a small talking human being is infinitely amusing.


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