So, K has really exploded in the language department.  He’s speaking in full sentences, sometimes even full prepositional phrases, and has a solid vocabulary. It’s really quite amazing.  And now that he’s talking so much I’ve started paying attention to how his little voice sounds when he talks, and it’s truly adorable.  Mostly because so much of what he says is stated with an upward inflection.

Well, the newest phrase that has been added to his little repertoire is “I need.”  Since getting the hang of the difference between “I need,” “I want,” and I would like” is fairly challenging, he often sticks with the simple “I need” as a blanket statement for all.  The result is that he frequently “needs” unnecessary things.  Needs a cookie monster, needs grapes, needs running shoes, needs the guitar any time I pick it up and try to play in front of him.  Needs just about everything.

Here is a little piece of my morning yesterday:

8:00am, in the kitchen, Keiran is sitting on the floor reading a little book.  K: “Mama, Missey Mouse (Mickey Mouse) has sweet treat in his mouf.”  (sweet treat is a blanket term for any type of sweets).  Me: “Does he really?”  K: pointing to his mouth, “I need sweet treat in mine mouf!”

Right now, instead of saying “my,” K says “mine.”  Insert that into any sentence using the possessive, and it becomes pretty German-sounding (and hilarious).  He also says “yous” instead of “yours.”  Have fun substituting that in a sentence.

Continuing on, he goes off and plays for a minute after loudly declaring his need for sweet treats, and I start to make breakfast.  He’s decided he’s actually hungry now, and comes back in the kitchen around 8:30 while I’m finishing cooking:

“I need oasmeal and wiiiamins!” (oatmeal and vitamins)

“I’m making eggs for breakfast, love.”

“I need…this!” Pulls Chex out of the pantry.

“No love, I’m making eggs.”

Pulls out triscuts: “I need one, these!”

“K, no.  Please put them back.”

“I…I need this!”  Pulls out Cheerios.

“K, no.”

“I need cashews!!!”

I couldn’t contain my composure any more after the emphatic request for cashews, it was too funny.  But also getting messy because he kept pulling food out of the pantry.  So I told him that he “needed” to come out of the pantry and shut the door.  The rest of breakfast was spent telling me about all of the things he needs.  By the end of breakfast, I needed a nap.

It must be so hard living inside the head of a two-year-old.  Do you think it’s like living in a pinball machine?  You’d have thought he had to wait 12 days for breakfast.


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