The (second) First One

I have decided to do a series of mini-posts on things that I learn or re-learn about parenting while in Maine. ¬†Today, on “things you should already know about parenting,” Ashley makes a discovery about bringing a two-and-a-half year old into an instrument store.

Pro tip #1: Don’t bring a toddler into a drum shop and somehow expect that they won’t want to touch everything in sight.

Pro tip #2: If you are brave enough to enter a drum shop with a toddler, make sure you have lots of energy that day for redirecting.

On a not completely unrelated note, sound-proof drum lesson rooms are great for subsequent temper tantrums when redirecting just isn’t cutting it.

He does make an awfully cute and enthusiastic little drummer boy, though ūüôā



So, K has really exploded in the language department. ¬†He’s speaking in full sentences, sometimes even full prepositional phrases, and has a solid vocabulary. It’s really quite amazing. ¬†And now that he’s talking so much I’ve started paying attention to how his little voice sounds when he talks, and it’s truly adorable. ¬†Mostly because so much of what he says is stated with an upward inflection.

Well, the newest phrase that has been added to his little repertoire is “I need.” ¬†Since getting the hang of the difference between “I need,” “I want,” and I would like” is fairly challenging, he often sticks with the simple “I need” as a blanket statement for all. ¬†The result is that he frequently “needs” unnecessary things. ¬†Needs a cookie monster, needs grapes, needs running shoes, needs the guitar any time I pick it up and try to play in front of him. ¬†Needs just about everything.

Here is a little piece of my morning yesterday:

8:00am, in the kitchen, Keiran is sitting on the floor reading a little book. ¬†K: “Mama, Missey Mouse (Mickey Mouse) has sweet treat in his mouf.” ¬†(sweet treat is a blanket term for any type of sweets). ¬†Me: “Does he really?” ¬†K:¬†pointing to his mouth,¬†“I need sweet treat in mine mouf!”

Right now, instead of saying “my,” K says “mine.” ¬†Insert that into any sentence using the possessive, and it becomes pretty German-sounding (and hilarious). ¬†He also says “yous” instead of “yours.” ¬†Have fun substituting that in a sentence.

Continuing on, he goes off and plays for a minute after loudly declaring his need for sweet treats, and I start to make breakfast. ¬†He’s decided he’s actually hungry now, and comes back in the kitchen around 8:30 while I’m finishing cooking:

“I need oasmeal and wiiiamins!” (oatmeal and vitamins)

“I’m making eggs for breakfast, love.”

“I need…this!” Pulls Chex out of the pantry.

“No love, I’m making eggs.”

Pulls out triscuts: “I need one, these!”

“K, no. ¬†Please put them back.”

“I…I need this!” ¬†Pulls out Cheerios.

“K, no.”

“I need cashews!!!”

I couldn’t contain my composure any more after the emphatic request for cashews, it was too funny. ¬†But also getting messy because he kept pulling food out of the pantry. ¬†So I told him that he “needed” to come out of the pantry and shut the door. ¬†The rest of breakfast was spent telling me about all of the things he needs. ¬†By the end of breakfast, I needed a nap.

It must be so hard living inside the head of a two-year-old. ¬†Do you think it’s like living in a pinball machine? ¬†You’d have thought he had to wait 12 days for breakfast.