So as most of you know, I work at a youth shelter.

Part of my responsibility as shelter staff is to share in the on-call rotation.  For the most part it’s not really that bad.  This week, however (and the weekend in more concentrated form), was a total nightmare.  It was non-stop, and so naturally by this morning, I was just about elated to be passing off the phone.

Why, you ask, did you title your blogpost “catharsis” then?  I will tell you.  Because last night, I had the most fantastic dream about taking a hammer to the on-call phone.  It was kind of like Office Space except somehow even better, because though our fax machine/printer really doesn’t like to cooperate much of the time, it doesn’t follow me home at night like the dreaded phone.  I smashed that phone into oblivion, and afterward I had a drink to celebrate.

And then at 7:00am, I awoke to the sound of a phone ringing.  Endorphin rush suspended, I went back to the unfortunate reality that the on-call phone was in fact, alive and well.



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