a not so glamorous confession

I try to be pretty patient as a parent.  I know kids are kids and sometimes they will make messes, and have tantrums, and be generally tough some days.  There is something about the age of 2 though, that I have to admit I really don’t know what to do with all the time.

Some days, I am not as patient as I would like, and I find myself feeling bad about it.  I have to remind myself that if we are a few minutes late for something because he wanted to stop on the way down the stairs to point out the squirrels and a plane, it really isn’t the end of the world.  or if we are in a store and he takes a couple minutes to ooh and ahh over something on a shelf, that maybe I should just stop and do it with him.

He won’t be this little forever, so I should probably enjoy it even when I am feeling inconvenienced; I realize this is probably not the romantic way of saying it, but it is what the frustration that comes during rushing around can be boiled down to.

I am fairly guilty of not taking a deep breath and relaxing a little when he’s thrown peas on the floor for the 15th time.  And I haven’t always been that way!  I used to find it infinitely easier to roll with things when he was a little smaller.  Maybe it’s the simultaneous exercising of independence/strong will that makes some of this harder?  I’m not sure.

But there are some days where it seems like one or both of us may have gone ’round the bend.

I keep seeing these funny little articles popping up lately about being the parent of a toddler.  Most of it is boiled down to a simple message: 2-3 year olds are freaking hard, and sometimes at the end of the day an early bedtime and a glass of wine for mommy is what is going to keep everyone sane.  I usually giggle a little at these writings and then move on, but perhaps I should be granting them a little more weight.

If I do, maybe it will serve as a reminder to practice a little more patience in moments where I’m not sure how much patience I have left (hyperbole, anyone?).

I am not really into “doing” new years resolutions, however I have decided that when it comes to K, I am going to try to be in a little less of a rush all the time and try to enjoy the toddler crazy a little more.

Maybe I’ll find that I’m a little less tired and a little more easy-going that way.


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