Several funny things happened today which I think people might appreciate hearing about.

So, something I find hysterical about having a toddler is how they see the same things over and over without necessarily noticing (I suppose adulthood isn’t so far off from that).  Then, for whatever reason, they suddenly “see” something.  Today, that “something” happened post-bathtime.

You know how you get wrinkly fingers if you sit around in a shower or bath for too long?  K really likes the bath, so I usually don’t rush the process and let him sit around in the tub for a while.  He gets out, and as I’m drying him off, he suddenly looks down at his fingers with a look of confusion/horror.  He then proceeds to yell “uh oh!” very loudly for the next 10 minutes, holding his fingers out in front of him for me to look at, all the while looking more and more panicked.  His fingers had wrinkled.

I tried very hard not to laugh at what appeared to be genuine concern and confusion on his part.  I then explained that when we sit in the tub for a while, sometimes our fingers get wrinkly.  This explanation did not suffice, and so I spent much of the next 10 minutes giving his fingers kisses to “get better” because I think he possibly thought he was melting.

The day only got better from there.

I needed to run some errands, so thought he’d enjoy going with me because he likes outings (so long as they don’t last too long).  We went to Healthy Living (who charges way too much for rolled oats, btw), and what do we find?  Little red toddler-size shopping carts.  Except these are not designed like normal shopping carts, no.  The wheels, for whatever sadistic reason, roll in every direction.  So if your toddler does not walk in a straight line, neither does the cart.  Excuse this metaphor if it offends you, but toddlers are already very much like tiny drunk adults running around.  Giving them tiny shopping carts that do not roll straight only serves to magnify this phenomenon.  I do not say this as a complaint.  It was hysterical.  He ran into so many things that there was no way for anyone to get upset about it, and he was laughing maniacally the whole way.  Of course that made leaving interesting, and I was only able to get him to surrender the little red shopping cart after telling him that the cart needed to take a nap with the rest of his little shopping cart friends.

People say very strange things out loud when they have small children.

I think I may start a list.